What is a dune?

Sand is a collection of particles of rock and broken seashells. The wind forms dunes by carrying sand inland. It is then deposited around all kinds of support: plants, organic debris and rubbish. Wild camping and camp fires are very seriously destructive in the natural environment so it is essential to comply with these prohibitions…

Protection of the site…

This nature area is of great natural value. Dunes are fragile environments. They need to be protected from careless trampling. That is why footpaths have been constructed for exploring the dune sites of the Opal Coast.

Footpath “des Violettes” (here) – Footpath of Stella – 2 km

This welcoming natural area is affected by the biodiversity.To preserve this it is important to keep this ecosystem and to limit the growth of certain shrubs.A meadow has been created for goats and shetland sheep.These animals are very hardy and their footprint light, therefore they can graze all the year around amongst the sand dunes to cooperate to the biodiversity.

Footpath “des Dunes” n°10 (here) – Footpath of Cucq – 10 km

Maps of the 14 footpaths in the Community of Municipalities are available at the Tourist Office!

Along this circular footpath you will discover the richness of nature, like the dune area that is constantly shifting its shape, the rose hip and dog rose, very abundant in the grey dunes, the footpath section passing through the Bois Joly wood. Some historical notes in the leaflet will also explain how the resort has developed over the years.

Historical Tour : Stella plage 100 years of history (here) – 8,5 km

Take an 8 1/2 km bike ride or stroll and fall in love with our enchanting and exceptional scenery. Let yourselves be charmed by our old village houses ( Rue d’Etoile ) or simply be lulled by the gentle lapping of the waves on our shores. Each step of this tour is accompanied by an old photo and text…..